Council of Management

Eric Lange, Chair

Eric works in financial management in the private, public and third sector. Eric has had a leading role in PKU advocacy in the UK and internationally for many years and is also President of ESPKU. He has a grown up daughter with PKU.

Andrew Thompson, Treasurer

Andrew works as Chief Executive of a charity in his professional life and brings years of expertise in charity management and fund-raising to his role as our Treasurer. He has a young son with PKU.

Iain Williamson, Secretary

Iain works as an insurance surveyor in the marine cargo and transport industry. Iain has PKU and has brought his professional experience in business and marketing to NSPKU along with his lived experience of managing his PKU to our Board for more than 10 years.

Julie Cardy

Julie Cardy, Conference Organiser

Julie is our Conference and Events manager as well as being a busy mum. She has been attending NSPKU events since her childhood and now brings her perspective and understanding of living with PKU to organising conferences which best meet the needs of our members.

Duncan Noble-Nesbitt

Duncan works in the NHS as a Specialist Nurse Practitioner in Occupational Health. Duncan has PKU and is a pioneering advocate for lifelong treatment for PKU. Duncan is the local support group co-ordinator and manages ESPKU liaison.

Caroline Graham (Co-opted to Council of Management)

Caroline is a graphic designer and also the mum to two grown up children with PKU. Caroline is passionate about improving the lives of people with PKU and is co-opted to the Council of Management where she works on advocacy and campaigns.

Lisa Lee

Lisa teaches mathematics and has a teenage daughter with PKU. Lisa served as our Treasurer for several years and is continuing to bring her experience to our Council of Management.


Suzanne Ford

Suzanne Ford (Dietitian Advisor)

Suzanne is a metabolic dietitian working for North Bristol NHS Trust Adult Metabolic service. She also works for NSPKU where she brings her expertise to dietary resource production; advocacy; media appearances, awareness raising and industry liaison.

Alison Green (Charity Coordinator)

Alison has a daughter with PKU and, as the newest member of our team, has been working very hard to expand her knowledge on the NSPKU and the work which we carry out.

Kate Learoyd (Advocacy, Campaigns and Policy)

Kate worked as a solicitor and Partner in an international law firm. She now provides patient advocacy help to NSPKU members, manages our campaign work and consider policy issues which will affect people with PKU. Kate has a son with PKU.

Margaret Butcher (Bookkeeper)

Margaret is a professional book-keeper based in Lancashire with many years of experience. She is now looking after the finances for NSPKU where she reports to our senior team.

Medical Advisory Panel (MAP)

Anita MacDonald

Prof Anita MacDonald OBE

Anita is Consultant Dietitian in Inherited Metabolic Disorders at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and an Honorary Professor in Dietetics at Plymouth University. She is a Fellow of the RCPCH. Anita is actively involved in all aspects of IMD nutritional research, as well as teaching and development in this discipline. She has extensive research experience and is a co-author of “The complete European guidelines on phenylketonuria: diagnosis and treatment”.

Dr Gisela Wilcox

Gisela is Consultant in Adult Inherited Metabolic Disorders at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. At Salford Royal she is involved in clinics, inpatient work, service development, education and clinical research.

Dr Hugh Lemonde

Hugh is a Consultant in the metabolic service at Evelina Children’s Hospital.

Barbara Cochrane

Barbara is a Metabolic Dietitian at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde with years of experience of treating children with PKU. She also organises a yearly outward bound trip for children and young people with PKU.

Dr Anne Marie Walker

Anne Marie works as a Clinical Psychologist in the Adult Inherited Metabolic Disorders Team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. She has worked in many roles as a Clinical Psychologist over 23 years in CAMHS and physical health, including developing services, supervising other health professionals, running groups, teaching and consultation. She is particularly interested in Compassion Focused and Acceptance and Commitment therapeutic approaches

Dr Charlotte Dawson

Consultant in Metabolic Medicine, Birmingham. At QEH in Birmingham Charlotte provides clinics, sees inpatients, teaches and researches and she supports services outside of Birmingham as well.

Mel Hill

Specialist Dietitian for IMD, Sheffield. Mel has been working in Metabolic Dietetics for the last 5 years and has spoken at national conferences, led workshops and published research.

Gemma Hack

Gemma is a Paediatric Metabolic Nurse Specialist at Evelina London Children’s Hospital. She supports inpatients and outpatients with metabolic conditions including those diagnosed with PKU through newborn screening. Gemma has a keen interest in PKU and the transition of the young people into Adult Metabolic services.