Starting nursery and school is an exciting time for all children.  On this page you will find resources to help you make a confident start with your child’s education.

Communication with school or nursery

Before your child starts school or nursery you will need to explain that your child has a medical condition that needs accommodating.

Individual healthcare plans (IHP) are developed to help school staff understand what a medical condition means for a child at school.  It is a document which describes the condition, treatment and how it might affect the child at school. It should be drawn up by the school with input from parents/carers and health professionals (such as your child’s dietitian).

Individual healthcare plans are a practical and common-sense idea. It is also possible to adopt a more informal approach – for example writing your own plan and following this up with a face to face meeting with key staff. The important thing is that the school understands PKU, how to manage issues that might arise and how to keep in communication. You should seek guidance from your hospital dietitian/medical team about this process and any concerns you have.

Downloadable resources:

  • News and Views Winter 2019
  • The A-Z of starting nursery

A Practical Guide for Schools Catering for a Child with Phenylketonuria (PKU)


  • A sample individual healthcare plan for nursery
  • List of snacks for nursery


  • A sample individual healthcare plan for school.
  • List of snacks for older children

Information for schools and nurseries catering for a PKU diet:

  • Suitable meals for low protein diet
  • Blank menu for parent to hand in to school with choices
  • Suitable snacks for school break or breakfast club